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  1. Quadraphonic sound installation () With Reinstallation, Bernhard Gal closes a circle of publications which were all dealing with sound materials from various sound installations and intermedia art projects of recent years.
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  3. Sound installation (related to sound art and sound sculpture) is an intermedia and time based art form. It is an expansion of an art installation in the sense that it includes the sound element and therefore the time element. The main difference with a sound sculpture is that a sound installation has a three-dimensional space and the axes with which the different sound objects are being.
  4. Bernhard Gal - Installations - ().pdf writen by Ingrid Beirer, Barbara Barthelmes, Stefan Fricke: This catalog focuses on Bernhard Gal's sound art projects. In his intermedia art projects and sound installations, Gal combines sound, light, objects, video projections, and.
  5. Bernhard Gál (a.k.a. Gal) works between the categories, creating music for instruments and electro-acoustic compositions, as well as art installations. Many of his intermedia art projects and sound installations present combinations of sound, light, objects, video projections and spatial concepts.
  6. Jan 31,  · Night Pulses - Intermedia Installation, In Night Pulses, the Austrian sound artist Bernhard Gal combines urban light signals (NYC skyline) with the musical-sensory experience of their.
  7. his concerts and exhibitions, Bernhard Gálgives lectures, artist talks and workshops, concerning his own work as well as general subjects of the contemporary music and art practice (sound installation, music & architecture, music & language, soundscape composition, etc.). ‘Sound installation art’ was also the subject of Gal’s.
  8. Extending Musical Form Outwards in Space and Time: Compositional strategies in sound art and audiovisual installations - Volume 20 Issue 2 - Adam BasantaMissing: Bernhard Gál.

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